Millennium patients can now pre-register to receive a COVID-19 vaccine!

We are happy to provide our patients seeking a COVID-19 vaccine the ability to self-register. As COVID-19 vaccines become available, patients in our targeted population will receive email/text notifications to self-schedule their appointment.

It’s not necessary to call your doctor’s office. As vaccines are available, you will be notified by text/email when you meet the eligibility requirements!

All About Testing

Millennium provides all types of COVID-19 testing. Your primary-care provider will consult with you to determine which test best suits your needs.

About the Vaccine

We are happy now to join in partnership with the hospitals, pharmacies, and health departments as an additional avenue for some patients to receive their vaccine.

Traveling During the Pandemic

The safest thing to do is stay home; however, the CDC believes testing could improve traveler safety. Testing doesn’t eliminate all risk, but it can help make travel safer.

Patient Interviews & Videos


The CDC website contains the latest information of the vaccine administration guidelines

Click this link+

The Florida DOH website outlines an administration plan based upon the CDC guidelines

Click this link +

The FDA website contains information about vaccine availability

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